👋 Hi! My name is

Ayush Upadhyay

I am a Software Developer building tools that makes the everyday life a little more enjoyable.


Side Projects I have worked on..

Watch Together

Watch Together is a cross platform native mobile application that helps a user or a group of users pick a movie to watch

I build this app because everytime me and my friends tried to pick a movie to watch we would end up spending more time to pick a movie than watch one.

Live Task

Live Task is a full-stack Web application that lets you share your notes with anyone and get live updates as the note is updated by the person(s) you shared it with.

I got the idea to build this app when me and my roommate always missed one or the other groceries everytime we went to walmart.

Stock Alert

Stock Alert is a cross platform desktop application that displays the stock prices of your selected ticker and lets you set a maximum or minimum price range. The app sends you a text message as soon as the stock price hits your specified range.

Built exclusively with Electron.js

Weather App

This is a weather application that interacts with MapBox and Dark Sky API to provide Realtime weather information of the weather of a place.

Built with Node/Express for backend and HandlerBar.js for updating the frontend.


Technologies I am comfortable with...

Technologies I want to learn...

Get in touch

If you want to collabrate on any projects or have any queries about me or projects I have worked on, send me an email and I will get back to you within a day or two.